Construction Update 2017 December


Permits – Office:

Permit B15005268 – Underground Work and Podium/Garage – Issued

Permit W16000521 – Hydrant Meter – Issued

Permit B16000394 – Underground Work – Issued

Permit B16002140 – Johns Creek Bridge – Issued

Permit U16002823 – Johns Creek Bridge Utilities – Issued

Permit U15005273 – Plumbing – Issued

Permit W17000191 – Irrigation Meter – Issued

Permit E16005077 – Electrical – Issued

Permit F16004945 – Fire Alarm – Issued

Office Construction Progress:


Southport Office Construction Site December 25th

Phase 2 construction for Tower 1 has continued this month and is on schedule to be complete and top-out at the roof by early January.  Once Tower 1 concrete decks are complete, Tower 2 will pick back up at level 6 and will top out in late April.  Vertical pours consisting of concrete shear walls and columns also continue following the decks upward.  Miscellaneous curbs fill out the concrete scope for the structure.  The slab for Tower 3 is complete.

Office - Level 9 Concrete Deck Pour

Level 9 Concrete Deck Pour


Column Rebar Placement

Steel framing operations includes stairs at Tower 1, the exterior soffits, as well as the interior bathroom partitions.  Framing and layout for interior rooms is ongoing at the lower levels in both Tower 1 and Tower 2.  This includes meeting spaces, offices, and bathrooms along with the lobby areas.

Office - Ductwork Install

Ductwork Install

At the base of Tower 3, the curtain wall mock-up is complete.  The curtain wall exterior support steel continues to be installed in preparation for curtain wall install to begin in mid-January.  Curtain wall is currently being delivered to the site to meet this highly anticipated start date.

Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection rough-in continues up the towers as shoring is removed.  The elevator install for the garage is currently substantially complete with elevator fronts currently being finished throughout the garage levels.

Office - Garage Elevator Fronts

Garage Elevator Fronts