[I-924/I-526 Approved EB-5 Project] Seattle Southport Office July 2019 Construction Update

Southport Office Construction Site 07/31/2019


Tower 1 and Tower 2 are complete. Tower 3 continues to move forward towards a completion third quarter of 2019. Contractors continue to work their way out of Tower 3.

Between Tower 2 and 3


Elevators are completing, Mechanical and Electrical systems are being commissioned allowing for the removal of the temporary hoist way that is currently providing vertical transportation for the workers through the Tower. Upon acceptance of the Elevators by the state in mid-August the exterior hoist will be removed, the curtainwall system completed, and the permanent roof membrane installed where the exterior elevators had connected to the building.

Tower 3


Interior finishes are complete in Tower 3 at levels 3 through 9.  Toilet partitions, plumbing trim and misc accessories are following the finishes in the core on these levels.  Carpeting and stone tile installation are currently in progress at level O2 as the contractor continues to work their way out of the building.



Heavy Timber construction has commenced on the Pavilion and courtyard finishes between towers 2 and 3.  Roofing of the structure is anticipated to start at the end of July.

Pavilion between Tower 2 & 3


The last of the sidewalks will complete by the end of July with the landscaper following with the installation of topsoil and planting materials.  We will be marking the outline to figure out the best geometry for the traffic circle at the SE corner of Tower 3, temporary markings placed currently on the ground have identified issues with the design dimensions in their current configuration.

Paving Sidewalk outside of Tower 3

Southport from Lake Washington