[I-924/I-526 Approved EB-5 Project] Seattle Southport Office March 2019 Construction Update


Southport Office Construction Site 3/25/2019

Construction continues this month working towards the temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO) for both Tower 1 and Tower 2. Tower 1 construction continues to focus on the finishes at the podium and exterior courtyards. At the interiors this includes handrails, expansion joint, stretched fabric ceilings, and final restroom fixtures. In addition, work on the terraces at levels 5 through level 8 is ongoing with pavers and railings. At the exterior courtyards, both hardscape finishing and planting is ongoing.  Concrete is being saw cut and sandblasted, plants are being installed along with accent lighting and built-in seating.

Main Lobby from Mezzanine 2

Tower 1 – Entry Vestibule

Tower 1 – Plaza Level Entry

Tower 1 – Handrail install

Tower 1 – Monitors

Towers 1 and 2 – North Elevation

Tower 2 construction continues with a focus on the open stairwell that connects the lobby and mezzanine. The entry vestibule at the plaza level is also proceeding with handrail install and wood paneling install similar to Tower 1. Elevator lobbies and cab finishes are substantially complete. Conference rooms are nearly complete with wood base and final adjustments on casework being worked on currently.

Tower 2 – Terraces and Tower 3 North Elevation

Main Entry to Lobby

Tower 2 – Level 1 Elevator Lobby

Tower 3 has seen significant progress in the following months. Exterior curtain wall will be wrapped up by the end of March. The storefront glazing system at the 2-story retail is also complete.  MEP rough-in is ongoing up the tower. Framing is proceeding as the rough-in is completed with focus on the restrooms, elevator cores, and stairwells. At the exterior, precast panels are complete around the entirety of the building and stone at Levels 2 through 4 is currently being installed. The pavilion structure has been set and fire-proofed. MEP rough-in is proceeding here as well. Lastly, the campus sitework has begun which will provide new sidewalks, landscape, and lighting as part of the delivery of the Office towers.

Tower 3 – Retail space ongoing

Tower 3 – Framing ongoing

Campus Site Work

The Lake Washington Boulevard Widening project continues this month due to February weather delays and conflicts with the light pole install. The project is back on track and looking at being complete by the beginning of May. In the meantime, the paving and striping is complete, so the road is open with dual lefts into Southport.

Lake Washington Blvd – Stream Restoration

Tower 3 – South Elevation